About us


Mitsu-Viet Nam has establshed on the market since 2004 based on the Tan Thien Ha Office Machine Company (Established in 1998). With a team of highly qualified staff, we always pround about our strengths to capture and respond precisely to customer’s requirements, whether it be a multinational corporation, a large corporations or small and medium private enterprises, with different budget and use conditions.

Our  policy guidelines:


– Customers is central of every activity

                               – Employees are property

                                              -Technology, technology is the spearhead.


Our company takes it as a guide for every activity.


Confident as a pioneer in the field of printing. Along with traditional customers like:  Mobifone, Electricity, Airline Corporations. It is very clear evidence for the steady development of Mitsu. Beside that, with experienced staffs  and enthusiastic with the young and creative staffs … Mitsu always strives to be the leader in the printing market, providing quality printing products which ensuring the satisfaction of customers, serving the needs of customers at the highest and the best. Towards perfection.


Mode and style of business:

– The business model of the company is to build equal relations with customers and protect consumer rights. Maximize your customer’s needs: Find solutions, innovate methods and get the best technology for the most effective and effective customer consultation and support. So we chose a variety of products to meet the needs of our customers and also the needs of the company.

Mitsu is providing the following services:

– Print design

– Print Ofset

–  Print Flexo

– Print VAT invoice

– Thermal paper

The company’s business is based on: Quality-based efficiency. Diving into the quality of service, meeting all the needs of customers. Always provide solutions to customers is also the success and increase profits. Appreciate and always aim to the benefit of the customer but not take the customer expansion as a top priority.Always pioneering the application of new technologies and techniques in business operations and customer-specific services such as providing printing solutions.Mitsu-vietnam always prides itself as a pioneer in the application and dissemination of new technologies and techniques.


-Professional service

-Competitive price

– Responsible staff

– friendly

– Fast delivery

.- Free delivery in Hanoi