Data processing is the first important step in the whole process to get the complete letter. Good implementation of data processing will bring effective results as follows:

Folding and automatic nesting: on the machine Sort message / content:

+ Present the content of each type of letter

+ Folding and nesting correspond to the contents of each type of letter Check, control, and accuracy of each type of letter

Optimize the entire process time: By sorting and classifing each message group, you reduce the time it takes to linear, split, and mailing by post


The superior advantage of folding and cageing machine by machine compared to handmade easily noticeable with mass thousands of letters.

Up to 5 sheets: The maximum number of sheets that can be folded and inserted into an envelope

Up to two leaflets: the maximum number of leaflets that can be inserted.

Average of 10,000 letters / hour / machine: the speed of folding machine

Can read and identify barcode types

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